simply not possible to obtain a U.S. visa

Russian girls or women (most of them young people, in the twentieth) is very convincing, they are honest, can get a visa to visit you, with the help of the local institutions, they know. She tried to explain to you, they can arrange this magic visa "special" way. But, of course, the cost of these visas more than you apply formally for a visa at the U.S. Embassy. Well, the magic visa to unravel the big secret, they do not exist! Whether these young Russian girl tell you, this is simply not possible to obtain a U.S. visa, you visit your country. Today, I received a letter from my site visitors. His Russian girlfriend asked him to help her obtain a visa to visit him in the United States (the economy). This person wrote to me that she (he met her online through free dating site) found a local travel agent can help her fast-track visa, but the "fast process", she needs more money then, she has given the agency from all of her savings, she asked her friend to help her. Thank God, this man was a little uncomfortable, and he decided to verify whether this may be true. For this reason, he found my website and asked my advice and opinions. . (U.S.) visa types: tourist, business, student, work, K3-spouse and K1 fiancee visa. These Russian beauty is trying to convince you that they can get a student visa. However, this type of visa is hard to come by, you need to complete a specific program, to apply for such a visa. In addition to that, you need a support, sponsor or official reference. The same number of business and work visas. Receive a tourist visa only applies to a specific group of people, but certainly not a single, young, beautiful Russian woman who would like to visit her friends in the United States.

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